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Cloud Minergo

mining only promising cryptocurrencies

The company has built a large mining farm and uses the latest equipment and new technologies, which makes mining very profitable in any situation in the cryptocurrency trading market. You can forget about the bad mining experience and make money on cryptocurrency mining without problems and worries.

CLOUD MINERGO produces only the most profitable cryptocurrencies. In addition, CLOUD MINERGO uses new technologies to optimize the energy consumption of equipment, provides a wide selection of mining through 9 cryptocurrencies, SHA-256, SCRYPT and ETHASH. It's time to start working with real professionals.

Cooperating with us, you independently distribute the percentage ratio of forces between cryptocurrencies in accordance with the selected mining algorithm. You can control the operation of your equipment at any time convenient for you. CLOUD MINERGO company - makes mining truly profitable.


to start mining
Go through the registration process
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See How Our Farm Works

24/7 and without rest

We have the largest mining farm in the UK. At the moment we have 2 warehouses, we use from modern mining facilities filled with the most modern mining devices. Powerful and profitable. With our mining farm, it is easy to earn cryptocurrency for each user, this is suitable for those who are passionate about their future.

Watch how the CLOUD MINERGO provides easy access to mining, and immediately learn about the cryptocurrency business.

Cloud mining is convenient, simple, profitable!

Company"s mission

The CLOUD MINERGO platform was created by professionals for people - both experienced miners and beginners who want to participate in the cryptocurrency mining process.

We believe that everyone should be able to mine on the most favorable conditions and with minimal risk.


Evaluate the benefits of contracting with CLOUD MINERGO compared to using your own equipment

Advantages of a contract with CLOUD MINERGO

  • The fixed value of the contract throughout its term;
  • Lack of additional fees;
  • The equipment is located remotely, you are not annoyed by excessive heat and noise;
  • The best cost of electricity possible, as well as the maximum use of renewable energy sources;
  • You start mining right after the contract is completed;
  • We guarantee 100% uptime, that is, completely uninterrupted operation of the service, covering a simple system with the help of reserve capacities;
  • You can mine any cryptocurrency without restrictions.

Cons of using your own equipment

  • Equipment price;
  • Cost of delivery;
  • The likelihood of additional customs costs;
  • High electricity tariffs;
  • Waiting for delivery of equipment for several days, or even weeks, instead of mining;
  • The equipment you paid in the delivery process is already losing its price;
  • Loss of mining time due to system downtime;
  • The cost of additional equipment;
  • Power consumption of additional equipment;
  • Cost of cooling;
  • heat and noise during equipment operation.

Income Calculator

Using the profitability calculator, you can calculate the profit that the mining capacities acquired by you will bring.
Indicate currency and investment amount


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Indicate the currency and the period of its mining



The profit from partners received as a reward is credited in the currency in which the power purchase was made.
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Profit for partners purchasing power


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Berkeley Square Berkeley Square House 7nd Floor, , London z21J 9BD, UK


What does CLOUD MINERGO do?
CLOUD MINERGO is a world leader in the cryptocurrency mining market. CLOUD MINERGO utilizes mining power for a number of promising cryptocurrencies and provides favorable investment conditions for each of its partners.
What is the minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal?
Please note that the company has set minimum limits for withdrawal and deposit. CLOUD MINERGO accepts top-ups from 0.0001 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 100 Digibyte, 0.1 Litecoin, 200 Syscoin, 1500 Verge, 1000 Dogecoin, 0.03 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, 5 Payeer USD, 5 Perfect Money USD. Profit withdrawal is available upon reaching the following values on the user"s balance: 0.0005 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 100 Digibyte, 0.01 Litecoin, 100 Syscoin, 500 Verge, 200 Dogecoin, 0.09 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, 2 Payeer USD, 2 Perfect Money USD.
How to replenish the balance?
Log in to your personal account and go to the “Make Deposit” section. In this section, select the payment system that you want to use to replenish, enter the amount and confirm your choice.
Is it possible to use my profit to buy units of capacity?
Yes, it is possible to purchase units of power for cryptocurrency mining using the amount on the balance sheet. Your profit from the operation of the equipment goes to the account of the Balance, from where you can use it to acquire power.
Is there a commission for replenishing the balance or withdrawing profit?
CLOUD MINERGO does not charge for financial transactions to replenish the balance or withdraw funds. However, commissions may be charged by the number of payment systems that you use. The amount of commission depends entirely on the payment system you use.
What payment systems are available on CLOUD MINERGO?
You can use the following payment systems to replenish the balance of available funds, as well as to withdraw profits from CLOUD MINERGO: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Digibyte, Litecoin, Syscoin, Verge, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Payeer, Perfect Money.
Is there a maintenance fee?
CLOUD MINERGO marketing is designed in such a way that the partner receives a net profit, and all expenses for electricity and equipment maintenance are already included in the purchase price of units of capacity.
How to acquire power for cryptocurrency mining?
You can purchase power for mining in your personal account. To do this, go to your personal account, enter the “Buy Power” section, select the algorithm for which you plan to purchase power, currency, as well as the amount you plan to spend on the purchase of power.
What is the minimum power value available?
CLOUD MINERGO has set the minimum power value that can be purchased. The minimum power purchase for the SHA-256 algorithm is 190 GH/s, for the SCRYPT algorithm - 40 MH/s, for the ETHASH algorithm - 45 MH/s.
Why does the acquired capacity not generate revenue? (How to activate the equipment?)
After purchasing power for mining, you need to go to the “Mining” section and activate the operation of your equipment. To do this, go to the “Mining” section, select the algorithm for which you purchased power units and use the slider to set the percentage of production of the cryptocurrency you need. You have 100% of the power that you can use both for the extraction of a certain cryptocurrency and distribute them between several cryptocurrencies within the same algorithm.
What currencies are available for mining?
You can use the acquired power to mine cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Digibyte, Litecoin, Syscoin, Verge, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. However, note that each cryptocurrency can be mined using a specific algorithm.
How to get an affiliate bonus?
CLOUD MINERGO has developed a loyal affiliate program for users who are used to working with their partners. The affiliate program is a system that has 3 levels. First level partners bring a bonus of 7% of the purchased capacity. Partners of the second level bring 2% of the volume of acquired capacity. Affiliate bonus from partners of the third level is 1%.
How long is the purchased power?
The cryptocurrency mining power acquired by users works on an unlimited basis.
How fast are profit withdrawal requests processed?
All created profit withdrawal requests are processed manually. The speed of processing applications directly depends on their volume and can reach up to 48 hours.
How to recover my account access data?
To recover your password, you can use the automatic recovery feature. To do this, during authorization, click on the "Forgot your password?" and follow further instructions. After recovering the password, you will receive an e-mail used during registration. Please note that when using temporary e-mail, as well as if you incorrectly entered your email during registration, it will be impossible to recover the password. It is not possible to change the email address or user login. We advise you to keep this information and not disclose it to third parties.
What should I do if suspicious activity in my account has been noticed?
In case you notice suspicious activity in your account, immediately change the password. We urge you to create a password responsibly by creating complex passwords and keep this information secret. For its part, CLOUD MINERGO guarantees the protection of your personal data, such as password, login and email.
Does the acquired power work when closing the site tab?
The power for mining cryptocurrency is located on a mining farm, therefore, your equipment can not affect the extraction of cryptocurrency in any way. You can close the site and turn off your device. If your capacity is set to mine any currency in your account, you will make a profit according to marketing.
For what reason can access to a user account be suspended?
CLOUD MINERGO is committed to protecting the personal data of its users, as well as ensuring the security of its website. Any attempts to collect personal information of users, hacking the site’s code, dishonest use of the affiliate program, gaining access to user accounts by hacking, using third-party services to artificially increase the number of partners, as well as any insults to the site’s administration or its users may cause the account to be suspended user.